Field Tiger Press presents Southern Fried Scribes, a series of free summer creative writing workshops for high school students in Alabama’s Hale County.  The workshops will be taught by Matt Jones and Jessica Masterton, two fiction candidates at the University of Alabama’s Masters of Fine Arts program.  Offered in downtown Greensboro, Southern Fried Scribes aims to give young writers the opportunity to not only explore themselves through writing but also to gain greater literacy and preparedness for their future academic endeavors.

The idea for Southern Fried Scribes was born out of both of our collective experiences as public school students growing up in the south who did not have access to arts education or extra curricular activities.  As children interested in writing, we had little educational support and could have benefited greatly from early exposure to the types of creative activities and resources that Southern Fried Scribes hopes to provide.

Workshop Dates and Times

8 weeks of free workshops will be held in Greensboro, AL.  Classes will run from 9am to 12pm Monday through Thursday and will feature writing prompts and activities, workshops to read and discuss students’ written work, as well as age-appropriate selected readings in order to broaden students’ literary horizons.    Students will collaborate with local, guest teaching artists in different mediums such as music and painting.

The following schedule indicates when the workshops will be held:

June 3rd – June 27th

Break for Week of July 4th

July 8th – August 1st

Eligibility and Enrollment 

High school students from Hale County as well as surrounding areas are all welcome to enroll at no cost.  The workshops will be capped at a certain number of students so please sign up soon if you’d like to guarantee yourself a spot.  For details on how to enroll, please see the Welcome page or the Enroll tab at the top of this page.

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